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About William Eggleston

Born in Memphis, Tennessee in 1939, William Eggleston is widely recognized as the ‘godfather of color photography.’ He is credited with increasing recognition for color photography as a legitimate artistic medium and has reframed the history of photography and its relationship to color.

Eggleston’s photographs depict everyday objects and scenes, many of them in the southern United States. His images are noted for their vivid colors, precise composition, and evocative allure. He assumes a neutral gaze and creates his art from commonplace subjects. Unlike other photographers who take multiple shots of the same image to make sure they get it right later on during processing, Eggleston captures just the right picture at just the right moment.

His books include William Eggleston’s Guide (1976) and The Democratic Forest (1989), which exemplify his unique style. In these books, he showcases his rich and complex images that depict America’s mundane daily life. Thanks to this body of work he has built over time; he went beyond conventional photographic traditions around documentary style or taking pictures on decisive moments to create his own genre that still has significant influence today.

With more than five decades into photography, Mr. Eggleston continues to influence current-gen photographers worldwide through documentaries such as ‘In The Realms Of The Unreal’ where he discusses what drives him towards finding various topics for photographing daily life in America since 1960 nipping any criticism about photos being ordinary entities but superb framing & lighting makes them iconic content worth exploring forevermore.

Photographs from William Eggleston

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