Outskirts of Morton, Mississippi, by William Eggleston (1971)

The photograph titled “Outskirts of Morton, Mississippi” was captured by the artist William Eggleston on Halloween in 1971. It depicts a nighttime scene on a rural road with three individuals standing in the middle of the frame. The setting appears to be quite dark with some ambient light illuminating the subjects and the surrounding area.

In the foreground, we see three figures looking directly at the camera. On the left is a young child wearing a dark coat and carrying a small object, possibly a trick-or-treat bag. The child in the middle is slightly taller, wearing a horizontally striped shirt, jeans, and a cap, and has a contemplative expression. To the right stands an adult dressed in a white costume adorned with floral patterns, a red headpiece, and beads, possibly embodying a more elaborate costume for Halloween. All three subjects have a straightforward stance and show neutral to somber facial expressions.

In the background, there is a sense of a sparsely populated area with trees and an open sky that is darkening from dusk to night. A mailbox is also visible to the right, suggesting a residential area. The overall mood of the photograph is quiet and eerie, fitting for a Halloween night in a rural setting.

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