Memphis, Tennessee by William Eggleston

The photograph titled “Memphis, Tennessee” was captured by artist William Eggleston in the early 1970s. It is a vivid depiction of the contents of a freezer, showcasing a variety of frozen foods encased in frost.

This image portrays an open freezer filled with an assortment of frozen goods. You can see different types of food items such as frozen pizza, boxed vegetables, and what appears to be ice cream among the chilled contents. The freezer’s interior is heavily frosted, suggesting it has not been defrosted for a significant amount of time. The frost creates a white, textured layer over the packages, some of which have noticeable brand names. The photograph captures the cold atmosphere of the freezer, with the icy layers adding a tangible sense of chill to the image. It is a representation of a domestic scene, possibly aiming to provide a commentary or evoke a sense of everyday life during the time period.

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