Morton, Mississippi by William Eggleston (1969-70)

The photograph “Morton, Mississippi,” taken by William Eggleston in the period of 1969-1970, captures an indoor scene. The image shows an elderly man seated on the edge of a bed with a bedspread featuring a bold striped pattern. He is wearing glasses, has a hearing aid, and is dressed in dark clothing with a long-sleeve shirt tucked into his pants, which are secured with a belt. His right hand rests on his thigh, and beside him on the bed to his left, there is a quilt with a complex pattern partially visible. The man’s expression is neutral, and he seems to be looking directly towards the camera or slightly off to the side. The room has a distinct vintage feel with muted colors and includes a light blue curtain in the background, a bedside table with a black bag on it, and a white pillow on the bed. To the bottom right, we see a bucket partially cut off by the frame. The lighting in the image casts noticeable shadows, contributing to the atmospheric quality of the photograph.

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