Memphis by William Eggleston (c. 1969-70)

The photograph titled “Memphis” by artist William Eggleston, taken around 1969-70, captures a woman seated outside. In the photograph, the woman appears to be sitting on a curb beside a roadway. She is wearing a dark dress with short sleeves, and her legs are crossed. In her lap, there seems to be a book or magazine that she is holding with her left hand, while her right hand appears to be either resting on her right thigh or in the process of turning a page. The woman’s hairstyle is neat and is of a style that suggests the photograph was indeed taken in the late 1960s or early 1970s. Behind her, there is a residential street scene with houses, bare trees, and a clear sky. To her right is a post wrapped with a chain, and the curb she’s sitting on is painted yellow along the top edge, indicating a no-parking or restricted parking area. The photograph conveys a sense of everyday life and an ordinary moment captured in a natural setting.

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