Memphis, Tennessee by William Eggleston (c. 1972)

The photograph titled “Memphis, Tennessee” was taken by artist William Eggleston around the year 1972. This image is characterized by its mundane subject matter that captures a glimpse of the ordinary, which is a hallmark of Eggleston’s photographic style.

The photograph shows a low-angle view from what appears to be ground level, looking underneath a bed or low furniture. Scattered across the carpeted floor are several pairs of shoes in various conditions, ranging from well-worn to more polished. A mismatched assortment that includes at least one brown leather shoe, a lighter suede shoe, and a sneaker can be observed. Under the darkness of the bed, more items are faintly visible, suggesting a space that is used for storage or perhaps hastily abandoned objects. The perspective of the photograph lends a sense of intimacy, inviting the viewer to contemplate the stories behind the discarded shoes and the everyday life they signify. The lighting casts shadows and emphasizes the textures of the carpet, shoes, and underside of the furniture, creating an atmosphere that is both familiar and intriguing.

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