Main Road to Greeneville, Tennessee by William Eggleston (1980s)

The photograph titled “Main Road to Greeneville, Tennessee” by William Eggleston dates back to the 1980s. This image captures a scenic view of a rural road leading towards the greener pastures of Greeneville, Tennessee.

In the photograph, you can see a curved asphalt road outlined by yellow lane markings. The road cuts through a landscape featuring a mix of greenery and farmland. To the right, there’s a full, lush tree with its leaves possibly turning with the season. On this side of the road, a wooden fence borders a field. A gentle hill rises in the background with patches of trees visible on its slope. On the left side near the road, we see utility poles stretching into the distance, following the road’s path and hinting at the rural nature of the area. The clear sky and the positioning of the elements in the photo give a sense of tranquility and the simplicity of rural life.

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