Miami by William Eggleston (1980s)

The photograph titled “Miami” by artist William Eggleston, dates back to the 1980s. It depicts a street scene where construction or road work seems to be in progress. In the foreground, there is a large, striped barricade sign that reads “BOB’S BARRICADES” along with a toll-free phone number. Beside it, an orange traffic cone and a flashing amber light can be seen, set against a backdrop of piled rubble and broken concrete. A little further away, a sign advertises “Savara Beach Col, fully furnished, no land lease, no rec lease,” with a phone number and the word “SALE” bolded and underlined. Palm trees line the background adding a tropical context that corroborates with the Miami location, and the sky is visibly clear with a glare reflecting off some of the surfaces—indicative of a sunny day. The color palette of the image is typical of the era, giving it a slightly faded look that is common to color photographs from the 1980s.

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