Lisette Model – Photos and Artwork

About Lisette Model

Lisette Model was a noteworthy photographer, known for her street photography that showcased humanism. Born in Austria, she initially pursued music by studying piano and composition with Arnold Schönberg. It wasn’t until her sister and friend Rogi AndrĂ© introduced her to photography that she developed a passion for the medium. Model’s photographic work mirrored various facets of city life and conveyed candid moments by getting up close to her subjects.

Model made an incredible impression in photography, working as a member of the New York cooperative Photo League, publishing shots in prominent publications such as Harper’s Bazaar and US, earning numerous awards during her career (including two Guggenheim Fellowships), and exhibiting widely throughout Europe and America.

In addition to being an accomplished photographer herself, Lisette Model shared her passion for photography with many others throughout her lifetime. She mentored several young photographers who have gone on to make significant contributions to the field themselves. Despite passing away more than three decades ago, Lisette Model’s work continues to inspire new generations of photographers today due to its unflinching humanist approach coupled with candid observations centered around daily life in modern cities around the world.

Photographs from Lisette Model

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