Fashion Show, Hotel Pierre, New York by Lisette Model (1940-46)

The photograph entitled “Fashion Show, Hotel Pierre, New York” was taken by the artist Lisette Model sometime between 1940 and 1946. In this black and white image, we see two women seated at a dining table. The woman on the left is leaning forward slightly with her hand by her face, her fingertips touching her temple. She has a somewhat downcast expression. This woman’s attire includes a dark dress with a floral detail at the neckline, and she is wearing a hat with a prominent feather.

The woman on the right appears to be engaged in conversation, possibly mid-sentence, as suggested by her open mouth and the position of her hand. She is adorned with multiple necklaces, a brooch, a bracelet, and a bejeweled hat that seems to fit the fashion of the time depicted. In front of them on the table are glasses, what appears to be a wine bottle, and other dining paraphernalia. The mood captured is one of candid and perhaps intense conversation, giving a glimpse into a moment of the social life during that era. The photograph has a strong contrast between the highlights and shadows, typical of Model’s work, emphasizing the expressive features and body language of the subjects.

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