Reflection, New York (Delancey Street) by Lisette Model (1940-1950)

The photograph “Reflection, New York (Delancey Street)” was taken by Lisette Model sometime between the years 1940 and 1950. This black-and-white image captures a scene that includes what appears to be a reflection of a man captured through a glass surface.

In this photograph, the focus is on a male figure who is dressed in a long coat and a hat, common attire for the era when the image was taken. His expression is pensive or stern, and he appears to be gazing into the distance. The lighting is dramatic, casting prominent shadows and enhancing the textures of his jacket and hat. The reflection creates a layering effect, with street scenes and additional indistinct reflections apparent in the background. There’s also a contrast between the sharply focused man and the blurred elements behind the glass, which could either be reflections or objects within the space. This photographic technique adds depth and complexity to the image, inviting viewers to ponder the relationship between the man and his surroundings.

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