Albert-Alberta, Hubert’s Forty-second Street Flea Circus, New York by Lisette Model (1945)

The photograph titled “Albert-Alberta, Hubert’s Forty-second Street Flea Circus, New York” was taken by artist Lisette Model in the year 1945.

In the image, there is an individual who seems to be part of a performance or show, given the theatrical styling and costume. The person is seated, partly draped in a dark, satiny fabric, exposing one shoulder and leg. This style of dress and makeup suggests a blend of masculine and feminine traits, fitting the name “Albert-Alberta,” which implies a dual-gender character. The backdrop consists of dark, heavy curtains adorned with floral patterns, contributing to the stage-like setting, and there’s a floor lamp to the right. The subject’s expression is rather serious and penetrating, as they gaze directly at the camera, with a distinct smile. The setting and the subject’s attire evoke a vintage ambient characteristic of mid-20th-century performance spaces.

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