Running Legs by Lisette Model (1940-41)

The photograph titled “Running Legs” was created by artist Lisette Model and dates back to 1940-41. It captures an up-close and kinetic view of a person’s legs in motion, with the focus on the lower part of the body, suggesting the act of running without showing the surroundings that provide a context for the movement.

In “Running Legs,” the black-and-white image depicts a tight frame of two legs amidst what appears to be a stride or run. The angle is such that the legs fill the frame, and no other part of the body or the surrounding environment is seen, giving an abstract quality to the image. There is a strong contrast between the light and shadows, highlighting the form and movement of the legs. The texture of what seems to be pavement can be seen on the ground, catching the light and adding to the dynamic feel of the image. Because of the close cropping, the photograph centers on the action and the play of light and shadow, creating a sense of immediacy and movement.

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