Hill & Adamson – Photos and Artwork

About Hill & Adamson

Hill & Adamson is the first photography studio in Scotland, established in 1843 by the partnership of David Octavius Hill and Robert Adamson. The studio produced hundreds of portraits using calotype processes. Hill was an artist while Adamson was a chemist, making their partnership dynamic and producing artistic work using the newly invented medium of photography.

Their collaboration ended after five years with Adamson’s untimely death. This turned out to be a significant moment in photographic history, as it marked the end of their unique creative contribution to Scottish photography.

Hill & Adamson left a significant legacy in Scottish art history. They merged fine art techniques with photography, setting new standards for portraiture through their use of natural light and subtle poses. Today, some examples of their work can be found at major galleries across Scotland including National Galleries Scotland and Edinburgh University Collection among others.

Photographs from Hill & Adamson

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