East Gable of the Cathedral and St. Rule’s Tower, St. Andrews by Hill & Adamson (1846)

The photograph “East Gable of the Cathedral and St. Rule’s Tower, St. Andrews” was captured by the photographic partnership of Hill & Adamson in 1846. It features a historic scene showing the East part of the cathedral ruins in St. Andrews, with St. Rule’s Tower evident in the background.

In this early example of photography, one can observe a scene of historic ruin. The East Gable of the Cathedral is prominently displayed, with the towers showing Gothic architectural features. St. Rule’s Tower rises in the background, adding a sense of verticality and ancient prestige to the scene. The texture of the stonework is quite pronounced, demonstrating the capabilities of early photographic processes to capture detail. The photograph, monochromatic and moody, has a figure standing near the base of the gable, providing a sense of scale and the human element amidst the historical backdrop. The shadows and lighting suggest the picture was taken under substantial natural light, which emphasizes the texture and form of the ruins.

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