Hugh Miller by Hill & Adamson (1843-47)

The photograph named “Hugh Miller” was captured by the artists Hill & Adamson between the years 1843 and 1847. The image is a historical portrait, black and white, and due to its age, carries a grainy texture and some fading which is consistent with early photographic techniques. It features a person who appears to be a man dressed in mid-19th century attire, with a coat, vest, and a bow tie. The man’s expression is serious, and the lighting casts strong shadows across his features, giving the portrait a dramatic and somewhat somber mood. His hair is styled in a way typical of the era and he is posing with one hand visibly resting on what may be a chair or another surface. The photo’s composition, the sitter’s attire, and the photographic technique provide insights into the styles and practices of portraiture in the mid-1800s.

Other Photographs from Hill & Adamson

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