Alexander Rutherford, William Ramsey, and John Liston by Hill & Adamson (c. 1844-1845)

The photograph titled “Alexander Rutherford, William Ramsey, and John Liston” was captured by the artist duo Hill & Adamson around 1844-1845. In this early example of photography, the image showcases three men standing side by side.

Regarding the content of the photograph, it portrays three men posed casually but with an air of camaraderie. They are dressed in working attire, which appears to be somewhat soiled, suggesting they may be laborers or have been engaged in some form of manual work. Each man wears a hat, the one in the center donning a top hat which is particularly distinctive. Their clothes are of a simple, robust fashion typical of the mid-19th century. The men have stern expressions which is common in early photography, likely due to the long exposure times required to capture an image. The photograph has a sepia tone, indicative of the monochrome photographic techniques of the era.

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