James Drummond by Hill & Adamson (c. 1846)

The photograph titled “James Drummond” was taken by the artist duo Hill & Adamson around the year 1846. It is an example of early photography, capturing an individual who appears to be a man of significance or interest during that era.

In the sepia-toned photograph, a man is depicted in a pose suggesting contemplation or intellectual engagement. He is dressed in mid-19th century attire, which includes a dark, long-sleeved coat layered over a lighter vest and a white shirt with a high collar. The subject is seated, leaning slightly forward with his left elbow resting on a surface, likely a table. His left hand is placed thoughtfully against his cheek and jaw, while his right arm is bent at the elbow with his hand resting on his thigh. The gaze of the subject is directed toward the camera, meeting the viewer with an intense and focused expression. The background is nondescript and shadowy, allowing the viewer’s attention to remain on the man’s face and upper body. The image, characterized by the soft focus and textural quality typical of early photography, gives us a window into the past and the aesthetics of portrait photography during that period.

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