Clarence John Laughlin – Photos and Artwork

About Clarence John Laughlin

Clarence John Laughlin was a renowned American photographer, born in 1905 in Lake Charles, Louisiana. He is known for his surrealistic photographs of the American South and New Orleans that were heavily influenced by his love for literature. Although he originally aspired to be a writer, Laughlin found himself drawn towards photography as a means of expressing himself creatively.

As a self-taught photographer, Laughlin worked as a Civil Service photographer for the U.S. Engineer Corps before focusing on his personal photographic work. His connection with photography and imagination resulted in over 2,000 negatives featuring the New Orleans French Quarter which captured its eerie beauty perfectly.

Laughlin believed that photography was not just about capturing what was on film but also about creating an image that could transform viewers’ emotions through imagination. With this approach to photography, along with his commitment to depth and detail in editing, he created iconic images of architecture and outdoor scenes amongst others during his career.

Laughlin passed away in 1985 leaving behind an extensive collection of books full of his exceptional artistry and imaginative photographs that still influence many photographers today.

Photographs from Clarence John Laughlin

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