Enchanted Tree, Number One by Clarence John Laughlin (1947)

The photograph titled “Enchanted Tree, Number One” was taken by artist Clarence John Laughlin in the year 1947. The photograph displays a striking image of a solitary tree with a rather haunting appearance. The tree is draped with Spanish moss, which hangs from its branches, giving it an ethereal, almost ghostly quality. The composition includes a portion of what appears to be a balcony or a porch with classic architectural elements like a Corinthian column and an ornate railing, framing the view of the tree and contrasting its organic form with the human-made structure. The sky serves as a dramatic backdrop, possibly indicating that the photograph was taken in bright daylight or with a technique to enhance the contrast between the tree and its surroundings. The entire image is rendered in monochrome, which emphasizes textures and light contrasts.

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