Anatomical Cascade by Clarence John Laughlin (1940)

“Anatomical Cascade” is a black and white photograph by Clarence John Laughlin from the year 1940. The image features a surreal and somewhat cluttered composition, with an abundance of objects carefully arranged to create a dreamlike or otherworldly atmosphere.

In the center of the image, there is a seated person surrounded by what appear to be mannequin parts, including several arms hanging above their head, creating a cascade effect. To their left, a table with various objects, possibly artist supplies or personal artifacts, is visible. Above the table, on the wall, a painting or photograph of a standing figure can be seen, adding to the artistic and possibly metaphysical narrative of the scene.

Other composites in the photo include a bed or bench with a lace throw, arranged in the lower right side of the composition. Surrounding the person and furniture, there are additional fragmented mannequin parts and floral arrangements. The setting seems to be an artist’s workshop or studio, heavily laden with symbolic elements and artistic references. The overall atmosphere is enigmatic and evocative, inviting viewers to interpret the rich visual language that Laughlin has constructed.

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