The House of Hysteria by Clarence John Laughlin (1941)

“The House of Hysteria” is a photograph by Clarence John Laughlin taken in 1941. The image possesses a haunting, surreal quality, emphasizing a strong play of light and shadows. The scene is set within a dilapidated interior, possibly an abandoned building, with weathered wood and peeling paint adding to the eerie atmosphere. Dominating the composition is a broken window with jagged panes of glass, framing a hanging, disembodied dress that suggests the presence of a ghostly figure. The shadow of a window sash casts stark lines across the scene, adding to the sense of desolation. On the right, part of a human arm reaches into the frame, further heightening the sense of mystery and unease. The photograph’s compelling elements invite viewers to contemplate the underlying story and symbolism encapsulated in this moment of stillness and decay.

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