Woman Reflected in a Mirror by Clarence John Laughlin (1938)

The photograph titled “Woman Reflected in a Mirror” was captured by artist Clarence John Laughlin in 1938. It presents a woman’s reflection as the central element, framed within the confines of a mirror.

In the image, the focal point is a woman’s face, visible through her reflection in a small standing mirror that occupies the central portion of the photograph. The image shows her gazing slightly upward, away from the viewer’s perspective, with a thoughtful or introspective expression. Her hair is styled in soft curls typical of the era, and she appears to be wearing a dress with a patterned collar or neckline.

The photograph is black and white, imparting a timeless quality, and the composition plays with elements of depth and texture. A broad range of tones from dark to light is visible, giving the photograph a rich, dynamic feel. The mirror is positioned on what appears to be a cluttered table or desk, surrounded by various objects including a striking, patterned circular form directly in front of the mirror, contributing to a complex and somewhat abstracted foreground. The background elements are out of focus, which further emphasizes the woman’s reflection as the central subject.

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