Zissou, Rouzat by Jacques-Henri Lartigue (1911)

The photograph titled “Zissou, Rouzat” was taken by the artist Jacques-Henri Lartigue in the year 1911. The image depicts a person seated in a large rubber ring on the surface of a body of water, giving the impression of being both relaxed and slightly incongruous due to the formal attire.

In the black and white image, the person is dressed in what appears to be a suit with a tie, and their attire includes a herringbone-tweed patterned blazer. They are also wearing a flat tweed cap, characteristic of the early 20th century. Despite being in the water, the individual maintains a composed demeanor, holding onto the rubber ring with both hands, and they are wearing sunglasses, which add a touch of coolness or nonchalance to the scene. The water’s surface is rippled around the rubber ring and the darker, reflective quality of the water gives the photo depth and texture. The person’s expression is difficult to read, but they seem to be looking directly towards the camera with a kind of poised detachment. This image captures an interesting juxtaposition of formal attire with a leisurely water activity, which along with its historic aesthetic, evokes a sense of playful surrealism.

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