Car Trip, Papa at 80 kilometers an hour by Jacques-Henri Lartigue (1913)

The photograph “Car Trip, Papa at 80 kilometers an hour” was taken by Jacques-Henri Lartigue in 1913. It captures the exhilaration and speed of an early 20th-century car ride. In the image, viewers see a vintage car, captured in motion, racing along a stretch of road. The car is numbered with a large “6” on its side, hinting at a racing context or personal customization, and houses two passengers, both attired in period-appropriate clothing, likely including caps and goggles, which were common driving accessories of the time due to the lack of windshields in early automobiles. The photograph itself is a showcase of dynamic movement, with the background and foreground blurred, creating a strong sense of speed and the thrill of the moment. This visual effect also imbues the image with a certain energy, as the surrounding scenery appears to whisk away in contrast to the focused sharpness of the car and its occupants, exemplifying Lartigue’s skill in portraying the essence of velocity on film.

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