My Hydroglider with Propeller by Jacques-Henri Lartigue (1904)

The photograph titled “My Hydroglider with Propeller” was captured by artist Jacques-Henri Lartigue in the year 1904. It features a composition that includes a young boy in what appears to be a bathtub, smiling at the camera with a toy propeller-powered hydroglider in the foreground.

In the image, the boy’s head and shoulders are visible above the water level, suggesting a playful or imaginative moment, possibly as he interacts with the hydroglider toy. The toy itself is in clear focus, while the boy is slightly blurred, adding a sense of movement to the scene. The surrounding environment is typical of an interior space from the era, with a heavy, ornate piece of furniture in the background, possibly an armoire or cabinet, and lace details that possibly belong to a window dressing or mantelpiece. The sepia tones and grain of the photograph add to its historical charm, transporting the viewer to the early 20th century when the photo was taken. Overall, the image captures a candid, intimate moment of childhood delight and the simple pleasures that imaginative play can provide.

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