The ZYX 24 takes off, Rouzat by Jacques-Henri Lartigue (1910)

“The ZYX 24 takes off, Rouzat” is a historical photograph captured by Jacques-Henri Lartigue in 1910. The photo depicts an early aviation scene with the aircraft identified as the ZYX 24 mid-takeoff from a grassy field. The overcast sky forms the backdrop, and the composition features figures around the aircraft involved in its launch.

In the photograph, we see the ZYX 24, an early biplane, at the moment it is lifting off the ground. Its structure is mostly composed of wood and fabric, characteristic of early aircraft design. The pilot is positioned beneath the wing structure, appearing to control the aircraft. Several men are visible in the image, some close to the aircraft actively assisting with the takeoff, and others further away, perhaps observers of the event. The field where this is occurring seems to be unprepared for aviation, which emphasizes the improvisational nature of early flight attempts. There is a sense of movement and drama in the image, as individuals on the ground appear to be in motion, likely running to keep up with the accelerating aircraft. The overcast sky suggests fair but not bright flying conditions. Overall, the photograph is a remarkable and dynamic record of the pioneering era of aviation, showcasing Lartigue’s penchant for capturing motion and notable events of his time.

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