Woman with olla by Tina Modotti (1926)

The photograph titled “Woman with olla” is a black and white image taken by artist Tina Modotti in the year 1926. In this image, we see a woman from the back, holding a large, rounded clay pot, known as an olla, on her shoulder. Her hand is placed on the mouth of the pot, steadying it. The woman’s head is covered with a cloth that could either be a scarf or part of her garment, which gives her an air of modesty and traditionalism. The focus on the pot and the detail of her garments suggest an interest in the shapes and textures as much as in the cultural significance of the scene.

The photograph’s composition emphasizes the curves of the olla against the straight lines of the woman’s arm and the cloth’s folds, creating an interplay of form and material. Given the year and the style, it is likely that Modotti’s work is both a celebration of Mexican culture and a piece of artistic expression characteristic of her photographic career, which often blended social concerns with aesthetic considerations.

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