Campesinos by Tina Modotti (1926)

The photograph titled “Campesinos,” taken by artist Tina Modotti in 1926, captures a multitude of people, presumably peasants or rural workers, from a high angle. This black and white image predominantly features the backs of these individuals who are wearing similar wide-brimmed hats, creating a sea of hats that fills the composition. There’s a sense of unity and anonymity as individual features are not discernible; the focus is on the collective identity of the group.

The photograph by Modotti is a representation of the peasantry, potentially highlighting themes of solidarity, labor, or social identity during that period in Mexico. The perspective provides the viewer with a sense of immersion into the crowd, yet still retaining an outsider’s viewpoint due to the elevated angle. It is a stark, poignant image that offers a glimpse into the lives and conditions of the working class in the early 20th century.

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