Stadium, Mexico City by Tina Modotti (c. 1927)

The photograph “Stadium, Mexico City” was taken by artist Tina Modotti around the year 1927. The image depicts the concrete bleachers of a stadium, captured in a way that emphasizes geometric patterns and the play of light and shadow.

In the photo, we see a series of concrete benches or steps arranged in a cascading form, typical of stadium seating. The strong lines and angles lead the viewer’s eye through the image, creating a rhythmic visual effect. The sunlight casts distinct shadows that highlight the texture and form of the concrete, enhancing the abstract quality of the composition. The vantage point of the photograph is such that it invites the viewer to pay attention to the architectural details and the stark contrast between light and dark areas, rather than the stadium’s purpose as a venue for crowds and events. The absence of people and the focus on form give the photograph a sense of stillness and solitude.

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