Woman of Tehauntepec carrying jecapixtle by Tina Modotti (1929)

The photograph titled “Woman of Tehauntepec carrying jecapixtle” is a work by the artist Tina Modotti, which was taken in the year 1929. It depicts a woman from Tehuantepec, who is carrying a jecapixtle on her head—a traditional container or vessel, likely used for carrying food or water.

In the image, the woman is shown in a profile view, facing towards the right. She holds aloft a large, ornately decorated jecapixtle, balancing it gracefully on her head with her right arm. The pot is substantial in size and features decorative patterns that suggest it could be a piece crafted for both function and aesthetic appeal.

The woman’s expression is composed and focused, with a hint of strength and resilience in her demeanor. She is dressed in traditional attire that includes a beautifully patterned garment which extends across her upper torso and shoulders. Her jewelry, visible as a necklace and an earring in her left ear, adds to the cultural representation and personal adornment of the subject.

Her features are accentuated by the lighting, which creates a dramatic effect, highlighting the contours of her face, her clothing, the jecapixtle, and casting significant portions of the image into shadow. The photograph demonstrates a powerful combination of portraiture and cultural documentation, capturing both the woman’s individuality and a piece of her traditional way of life.

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