Untitled Film Still #50 by Cindy Sherman (1979)

“Untitled Film Still #50” is a black and white photograph by artist Cindy Sherman, created in the year 1979. The photograph is part of a series where Sherman uses herself as the model, portraying various female stereotypes from mid-20th-century American society and cinema.

In the image, a woman is positioned centrally in a moderately lit room that looks to be a stylish living room from around the mid-20th century. The figure, presumably Cindy Sherman, is wearing a dark dress with a light-colored collar and cuffs, adorned with a pattern. She is seated on a low couch or daybed with a cushion, legs crossed at the knee, with her body turned slightly toward the viewer but her face obscured by an oversized dark hat that casts a shadow over her features.

The room is decorated with modernist furniture, including a wooden coffee table hosting what appears to be a couple of small bowls. A large lamp with a conical shade stands out prominently in the background, casting a diffuse light that contributes to the atmosphere of the scene. To the left, there is a tall, slender statue that appears to be an African sculpture, adding an exotic touch to the decor. There are curtains drawn across the window, ensuring the privacy of the interior space. This setting along with the woman’s pose and attire evoke a sense of cinematic drama, suggesting that the scene could be a snapshot from a film, capturing an introspective or perhaps tense moment for the character.

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