Untitled Film Still #15 by Cindy Sherman (1978)

The photograph “Untitled Film Still #15” was created by artist Cindy Sherman in 1978. It is part of a series in which Sherman assumes various female roles and personas, typical in 1950s and ’60s Hollywood, film noir, B-movies, and European art-house films. The purpose of her work often addresses the role of women in society and the construction of identity.

In this black and white image, the subject, assumably Sherman herself, portrayed as a young woman, is seated on a windowsill. The setting appears to be an interior space with rustic, textured brick walls and a wooden floor. The woman gazes out of the large window with an introspective or daydreaming expression. Her attire includes a short-sleeve top, shorts, and high heels, and her hair is styled in loose curls, alluding to a sort of casual yet styled vintage look. To her left, a simple wooden chair is placed, contributing to the unpretentious and homey feel of the scene. The lighting is natural, coming from the window, highlighting the woman and casting shadows around her, enhancing the cinematic quality of the photograph. The overall ambiance of the photograph suggests a narrative moment, drawing viewers in to contemplate the story behind the woman’s thoughtful pose and setting.

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