Untitled Film Still #13 by Cindy Sherman (1978)

The photograph you’re referring to, “Untitled Film Still #13,” was created by artist Cindy Sherman in 1978. The image is part of Sherman’s significant body of work where she expertly stages herself in a variety of roles and settings to explore concepts of identity and representation.

In “Untitled Film Still #13,” we see a black-and-white image of a woman standing next to a bookshelf. The woman appears to be reaching for a book, and her attention is directed upwards towards the shelf. She is depicted with a headband in her hair, and her attire suggests a look from a past era, possibly aligning with the late 1970s aesthetic, or perhaps even earlier, evoking the style of the 1960s. The scene mirrors those from mid-20th century films, where a character might be caught in a contemplative or decisive moment. Sherman’s work is known for its ability to suggest a narrative without providing a specific context, inviting viewers to fill in the gaps with their own interpretations.

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