Untitled Film Still #14 by Cindy Sherman (1978)

“Untitled Film Still #14” is a black-and-white photograph by artist Cindy Sherman, created in the year 1978. This image is part of her wider series where Sherman staged herself in various roles and scenarios that resemble stills from 1950s and ’60s black-and-white films, questioning the role and representation of women in society, media, and arts.

In this particular photograph, a woman stands in the center of a modestly appointed room, possibly from a mid-20th-century setting. She is dressed in a black sleeveless dress with a lace overlay on the bodice, exuding a style that could suggest a narrative from that era. Her body is angled towards the camera while she looks off to the side, creating a sense of candidness or unease. The woman’s reflection can be seen in a full-length mirror positioned against the wall behind her, offering a view of her back and hinting at a contemplative or introspective moment.

Surrounding elements include a dresser with a vintage telephone, a framed photograph, and a vase with flowers, contributing to the scene’s retro ambiance. The starkness of the room, combined with the woman’s expressive pose and outfit, invites viewers to interpret the story behind the image, a hallmark of Sherman’s practice of critiquing social constructs and the nature of identity.

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