Untitled Film Still #16 by Cindy Sherman (1978)

“Untitled Film Still #16” is a photograph taken by artist Cindy Sherman in 1978. It is a part of her series which explores various stereotypical female roles in movies from the mid-20th century.

In the photograph, a woman is seated in a bamboo chair set against a stark brick wall that’s interrupted only by a small, framed portrait hanging above her. The woman is dressed in a dark, possibly black dress with her legs crossed at the knee, appearing to exude a mix of confidence and contemplation. Her shoes add a touch of glamour with their sparkling embellishments. The woman is looking off to the side with her lips slightly parted, as she holds a cigarette in her right hand. The image is monochrome, enhancing its resemblance to film noir and the stylistic qualities of old Hollywood films. The setting and pose suggest a narrative scene, inviting the viewer to imagine the context or backstory of the character portrayed.

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