Untitled Film Still #10 by Cindy Sherman (1978)

“Untitled Film Still #10” is a photograph by artist Cindy Sherman created in 1978. It’s part of a larger series that Sherman is known for, wherein she stages herself in various cinematic roles and settings to explore themes of identity, gender, and the role of women in society.

The photograph is a black and white image featuring what appears to be a woman, likely Sherman herself, crouching beside a kitchen unit with a disheveled look. She’s dressed in a combination of a lacey slip under a dark cardigan or jacket with one sleeve pushed up. Her hair is styled in a ’70s fashion. The woman looks directly at the camera with an ambiguous expression that could imply yearning, boredom, or mild distress. Beside her is a grocery bag with items spilling out, suggesting she might have just returned from shopping or has unintentionally dropped the bag. The domestic setting plays a significant role in the narrative quality of the photo, suggesting a snapshot taken from a film that examines aspects of domestic life and the roles expected of women.

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