Untitled #66 by Cindy Sherman (1980)

“Untitled #66” is a photograph created by artist Cindy Sherman in the year 1980. The photograph presents a staged scene featuring a solitary subject, presumably the artist herself, given Sherman’s known practice of self-portraiture. The subject is captured from the waist up and is turning to face the camera with an expression of what might be interpreted as mild surprise or contemplation. The subject stands against a backdrop that appears to be a road stretching into a hilly or mountainous landscape, suggesting an outdoor setting.

The subject has short, styled blonde hair and wears a fitted, dark blazer, with the collar slightly turned up. Two vehicles, possibly from the late ’70s or around 1980 given the time the photograph was taken, travel along the road in the background. The lighting and coloration in the image give it a somewhat faded or vintage feeling, with the blues and greens appearing particularly muted, thereby enhancing the sense of a previous era.

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