Untitled #102 by Cindy Sherman (1981)

“Untitled #102” is a photograph created by the artist Cindy Sherman in 1981. The image features a figure that appears to be a young woman with short, dark, wavy hair and a slightly disheveled look. She is wearing a plain, white sleeveless top and what seems to be dark red or maroon trousers. The figure is seated with one hand resting on her thigh and the other behind her, supporting her weight as she leans backward slightly. She wears a simple necklace and has a contemplative or possibly unsettled expression, with her eyes directed toward the viewer. The setting is nondescript, giving little context, which adds to the ambiguous narrative quality of the image. Sherman is known for her conceptual portraits where she often transforms herself into various personas, questioning issues of identity, gender, and the role of images in contemporary culture.

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