The Game by John Gutmann (1937)

The photograph titled “The Game” by artist John Gutmann was taken in New Orleans in the year 1937. It captures an intriguing moment on a city street filled with scattered papers. The central focus is on three figures strolling together: one person is wearing a large, round and featureless mask covering their face, creating a stark and somewhat eerie contrast with the human figures beside them. The mask has a smooth, bald surface, lacking any facial features, which adds to the surreal quality of the image. The two accompanying figures are sharply dressed, one in a dark outfit with a cap and the other in light-colored trousers and a white shirt, complete with a dark vest, bow-tie, cane, and a hat. Their body language suggests casualness and camaraderie as they walk arm in arm along the littered street. The surroundings imply a busy urban environment, possibly during a festive period or event, given the debris on the ground that could be remnants from a celebration or parade. Other individuals and businesses can be peripheral glimpses in the background, adding context and depth to the scene.

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