Strange Visitors by John Gutmann (1934)

The photograph named “Strange Visitors” by artist John Gutmann was taken in the year 1934. The black-and-white image features two figures clad in dark cloaks in the foreground that resemble nuns. These figures are sharply contrasted with the setting of an amusement park, where they are facing a Ferris wheel and various festive decorations in the background. The juxtaposition of the somber figures with the playful and leisurely surroundings creates an intriguing and somewhat surreal atmosphere. The Ferris wheel, towering in the background, in combination with the bunting and the signage for what appears to be rides or attractions, adds an element of Americana and whimsy, while the cloaked figures suggest a narrative beyond the immediate joy of the carnival scene.

Other Photographs from John Gutmann

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