Texas Women by John Gutmann (1937)

The photograph titled “Texas Women” was captured by the artist John Gutmann in the year 1937. The image depicts two women in Texas, captured in a style that appears to convey a contrast between them. On the left, there is a young woman dressed in what could be considered a traditional Texan outfit with a Western-style hat, a neatly buttoned shirt, gloves, belted trousers, and boots featuring designs that are reminiscent of cowboy attire. She is posing with one hand on her hip, looking away from the camera with a pensive or detached expression.

To her right stands an older woman dressed in a dark dress, wearing sensible shoes, and holding a clutch of books and a handbag. She has a somewhat weary or concerned expression and is also looking away from the camera, seemingly unaware of being photographed. The contrast between the two women could suggest a narrative about the diversity in Texas culture during the 1930s, with one woman representing the iconic Texan spirit and the other reflecting a more conventional or urban character. The background is simple, a light-colored wall with a faint window or frame behind them, highlighting the subjects without distraction. The photograph captures a moment in time, offering a glimpse into the era’s social fabric through clothing, posture, and the subjects’ expressions.

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