Elevator Garage by John Gutmann (1936)

The photograph titled “Elevator Garage” was created by artist John Gutmann in Chicago, during the year 1936. It captures a vertical parking system, an innovative solution of the early 20th century to the increasing number of automobiles. In the photograph, a series of cars are parked in a mechanized, multi-level structure that stacks the vehicles vertically to economize space in an urban setting. The towering stack of cars creates a striking contrast against the backdrop of a building, possibly hinting at the rapidly advancing industrialization and urbanization of the era. The image is monochromatic, capturing the essence of the period and the stark lines and shapes of the architecture and the cars, which appear to be various models typical of the 1930s. The viewpoint of the photo is from the ground looking up, emphasizing the height and the innovative design of the elevator garage.

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