Salad Ingredients by Irving Penn (1947)

The photograph titled “Salad Ingredients” was created by Irving Penn in New York in 1947. In this image, we observe a carefully arranged composition of salad ingredients on a textured surface, suggestive of a kitchen countertop or table. The ingredients presented include a head of lettuce and a bunch of leafy greens, possibly herbs, in the upper left corner of the frame. Two metal spoons lie across the center, cradling a reddish-brown liquid, likely a vinaigrette or dressing, and a golden-yellow oil in their respective bowls. A lemon, its rich yellow offering a vibrant contrast, rests below between the spoons. Scattering the foreground is an assortment of spices and seasonings: peppercorns, possibly some salt, and various other spices, alongside a clove of garlic, all contributing to the suggestion of a flavorful and fresh salad preparation. The photograph demonstrates Penn’s attention to detail, composition, and the play of texture and form, which are characteristic of his work.

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