Summer Sleep by Irving Penn (1949)

The photograph titled “Summer Sleep” was created by Irving Penn in New York in 1949. This iconic image presents a person seemingly at rest, captured behind a translucent gauzy material, arguably a mosquito net, which suggests a summertime setting where such nets are commonly used. The composition focuses on the figure lying down with their head resting on their arm, evoking a sense of relaxation and vulnerability, possibly during a hot summer day. The image is textured with the weave of the fabric, featuring several flies on the surface, which enhances the realistic and somewhat raw quality of the scene. A table fan and what appears to be a saucer, a cup, and possibly some spilled content are also visible, contributing to the atmosphere of a lazy summer day’s nap disturbed by the heat. The details in this image are somewhat blurred by the material, adding to the overall dreamy and intimate feel of the photograph.

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