Ballet Society by Irving Penn (1948)

The photograph titled “Ballet Society” was created by the artist Irving Penn in New York, 1948. It is a black and white photograph depicting a graceful dancer, poised on what appears to be a pedestal, surrounded by three men who are seated or crouched in various pose of attentiveness and admiration. The dancer is in a classical ballet pose with arms gently curved above her head, her costume clinging to her form, accentuating the elegance of her figure. Her costume and hairstyle convey a sense of the era. The three men are dressed in suits indicative of the time period, each with a distinct expression of contemplation or engagement. The setting is relatively simple with the backdrop and floor melding into one another, focusing all the attention on the subjects. The lighting casts soft shadows, contributing to the overall dramatic and artistic quality of the image.

Other Photographs from Irving Penn

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