Bouchers by Irving Penn (1950)

The photograph “Bouchers” by Irving Penn is a black and white image taken in Paris in 1950. It captures two butchers in work attire, standing side by side. The image is known for its detail, composition, and the way it portrays the subjects.

In the photograph, the two butchers are dressed in white aprons and hats that are smeared with the marks of their trade. Their clothing suggests they have been working, likely in a meat market or butchery, as indicated by the stains and patterns on their garments. One butcher is holding a cleaver, while the other has his hand on his hip; both are facing the camera. They appear confident and display a sense of camaraderie. The backdrop is simple and nondescript, which allows the focus to remain on the two men and their worn workwear. The lighting emphasizes the textures of their aprons and hats, adding depth to the photograph.

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