Place de la Concorde from Automobile Club by Brassai

The photograph titled “Place de la Concorde from Automobile Club” is a creation by the artist Brassai, stemming from his body of work “Paris by Night.” This image captures the essence of nighttime in Paris, illuminating the majestic Place de la Concorde through a nocturnal lens.

In the photograph, one observes the Place de la Concorde as seen from an elevated perspective, perhaps from a balcony or window of the Automobile Club de France. The image is taken at night, showcasing the radiant glow of streetlights that pepper the square and highlight its geometric design. Directly at the center stands the Luxor Obelisk, a tall, illuminated column piercing the dark sky, flanked by two fountain structures which, while less illuminated, are still visible. The lighting creates a pattern of shimmering dots and intricate shadows across the square, a testament to the grandeur and elegance of Paris after sunset. Below the vantage point, a row of parked cars aligns, indicative of the era in which Brassai captured this scene. The overall atmosphere exudes a sense of quiet grandiosity, laced with the tranquility of the city at rest.

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