Arc de Triomphe by Brassai

The photograph titled “Arc de Triomphe” is the work of the artist Brassai and is featured in the collection “Paris by Night.” The image, which appears to be black and white, captures the majestic Arc de Triomphe at night with dramatic lighting that emphasizes the monument’s grandeur and the details of its architecture.

In the photograph, the Arc de Triomphe is illuminated from below, creating stark contrasts and highlighting its intricate sculptures and reliefs. The shadows cast by the monument and nearby trees add a sense of depth and texture to the scene. The surrounding darkness accentuates the monument’s presence as a central and imposing figure in the composition. A vehicle is just visible at the bottom right, giving a sense of scale and the quieter nocturnal life of the city. The angle and framing provide a perspective that conveys the imposing nature and significance of the Arc, while the absence of people and the nighttime setting evoke a serene and somewhat solemn atmosphere.

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