Oldest police station in Paris by Brassai

This photograph, titled “Oldest police station in Paris”, was captured by the artist Brassai and is a part of the series “Paris by Night”. It dates back to the period when Brassai was exploring the city’s nocturnal scenes.

The photograph depicts a nighttime street scene in Paris, with a focus on a building identified as a police station, specifically for the Vth arrondissement. There is an illuminated street lamp casting light onto the facade of the building and onto the figures standing by the entrance. The light contrasts starkly with the surrounding darkness, highlighting the station’s sign and part of the sidewalk. Two people, possibly officers, are visible by the entrance, and one person is walking away from it, down the street. The image conveys a quintessential early- to mid-20th century atmosphere, which Brassai was known for capturing in his Parisian night photography. The grainy quality of the image and the play of light and shadow contribute to the mood and sense of the era.

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